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I use it morning and night. It has brought so much hope back into my life. I can move now. Now I don't have to be sidelined all day.

Denise H.

Willow Curve Story - Tom U.

Case Study: Tom U.

Condition: Knee Pain

Tom suffered knee damage when he tore his meniscus in an accident while moving furniture. Both Tom and his wife regularly use the Willow Curve to relieve knee pain.

I'm [a] pretty skeptical [person]. Within two or three days, just the pain relief was phenomenal.

Willow Curve Story - Eva B.

Case Study: Eva B.

Condition: Ankle Pain

Eva broke her ankle and used the Willow Curve nightly to reduce pain and inflammation. Her medication upset her stomach, and the Curve offered her an effective alternative for relief.

I went ahead and used it faithfully, every single day, for the next couple of weeks, and the swelling went down. So that inflammation, when it went down, it reduced the pain.

Willow Curve Story - Alvin F.

Case Study: Alvin F.

Condition: Ankle Pain

Alvin injured his ankle over 20 years ago, and weight gain as he aged aggravated the pain. The Willow Curve has helped relieve that pain and increased his mobility.

I've been using it every other day, and I've been relieved of pain. It's been amazing, and I have greatly improved my quality of life.

Willow Curve Story - Kristine Y.

Case Study: Kristine Y.

Condition: Nerve Pain

Kris suffers from diabetic neuropathy in her feet, causing burning, numbness and tingling. Over-the-counter medications provided no relief, but the Willow Curve has greatly improved sensation and function in her foot.

After the Willow Curve finished its cycle, my foot felt better than it's felt in over a year. I actually had feeling in my toes...I never realized how little I felt until I used the Willow Curve.

Willow Curve Story - Rob L.

Case Study: Rob L.

Condition: Knee Pain

After a career installing carpet, Rob had many issues with his knees. He has had multiple knee replacement surgeries, with pain and mobility issues continuing even afterward. He noticed improvement with his range of motion after his first treatment and has continued to benefit from it.

It gave me a better bending in my knee. I was able to walk up and down stairs a little better. I can walk a mile now, where I never used to be able to walk that far...I'm sold on it.

Willow Curve Story - Denise H.

Case Study: Denise H.

Condition: Rheumatoid Arthritis

Denise has suffered for three years with rheumatoid arthritis, preventing her from doing normal, daily activities. Her doctor treated her with the Willow Curve, and she started seeing positive results, with reduced pain and swelling, after the first treatment.

I use it morning and night. It has brought so much hope back into my life. I can move now. Now I don't have to be sidelined all day.

Willow Curve Story - Dr. Lora Thaxton

Case Study: Dr. Lora Thaxton

Condition: N/A

Dr. Thaxton has successfully used the Willow Curve to treat her patients. pain in her medical rehabilitation practice. As a runner, she has also enjoyed relief herself from the device.

The Willow Curve stimulates cellular change in the body. It induces vasodilation — or more simply put, increases circulation — to flush away the damage and temporarily relieve joint and arthritis pain.

Willow Curve Story - Rob L.

Case Study: Dr. Cindy Kasperek, RPH,PharmD

Condition: N/A

Dr. Cindy Kasperek believes that the Willow Curve is an excellent alternative for patients who are suffering from pain but do not want to use the standard pain medication that is typically prescribed by physicians.

For patients who do not want to take addictive drugs, I would recommend the Willow Curve.

Willow Curve Story - Denise H.

Case Study:Dr. Deborah Skrzynecki, DC, RN

Condition: N/A

As a Chiropractic Physician, Dr. Deboarh Skzrnynecki focuses on wellness and holistic healing of her patients. She believes that any non-pharmaceutical approach to pain will be greatly beneficial to her patient's health.

Anything we can do to have a non-pharmaceutical approach to pain, neuro-muscular, skeletal, or other body pain is going to be a win for everybody.

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