VA Purchase Instructions

Many of our Veterans are plagued with joint and muscle pain. Some rely on pain medications to keep moving, which has been dangerous, highly addictive, and even lethal.  

The Willow Curve® is a precision digital pain relief device. It helps to reduce the joint and muscle pain, while promoting increased blood flow in the affected areas. It is simple to use. Over 50,000 users rely on the Willow Curve® to keep them moving.

Now, Veterans may be able to receive their Willow Curve®, through the Department of Veterans Affairs - Federal Supply Schedule (FSS).

Step 1: Print the instructions and take it to your VA physician.
Click here to download the instructions.

Step 2: Your VA physician can study the information to make sure the Willow Curve® is right for you.

Step 3: If needed, your VA physician will need to send your prescription to the nearest PSAS (Prosthetic and Sensory Aid Services) Department of the medical center or hospital.

Step 4: The VA PSAS Department will order a Willow Curve® for you. It will be shipped directly to your VA doctor or to your home. It includes simple use instructions.

If you have questions please call our Veterans Help Desk at (888) 988-0652.