About the Company

Management Team

David B Sutton, CEO

Co-founder / Co-inventor. Mr. Sutton has served as our Chief Executive Officer and a director since he co-founded the company with Dr. Shapiro and Dr. Dunlap. His interest revolved around developing applications using digital technology for drug-free pain relief. Prior to joining Physician's Technology, he was founder and President of PrivaCash. He was also the inventor and visionary force that revolutionized and brought innovative financial products and technology to a vast under-served consumer audience. Mr. Sutton has been an active board member, investor and strategist with a variety of scientific and technology related companies.

Ronald S Shapiro MD, PhD, FACP, Medical Director

Co-founder / Co-inventor, nephrologist, internist, associate clinical professor of medicine, and traditional and integrative pain management specialist. Dr. Shapiro is a noted national health care physician, medical author and educator. Throughout the course of his medical career, he often observed that his kidney patients were unable to tolerate medication. Their painful condition was of great personal concern to Dr. Shapiro, leading to years of research and providing the inspiration for portable, digital pain-relief technology.

Kenneth Fiema, CPA, MBA – Director of Finance

Howie Bartz - Vice-President of Sales and Marketing

A summa cum laude graduate of Daemen College in Amherst, NY, Howie Bartz began his professional career as a Physical Therapist. His career in Physical Therapy rapidly developed into owning and operating multiple Physical Therapy clinics specializing in orthopedic and spinal rehabilitation and is considered an expert in the field of Durable Medical Equipment.

In 2007, Howie Bartz founded Meditech, LLC, introducing a unique line of orthopedic and spinal braces which has grown to include other medical products for pain management.


Richard C Dunlap, DDS, VP Medical Affairs

Co-founder and managing partner of Dental Group West.

Anthony J. Calamunci, Esq.

Advisor – General Counsel