About Us

In the mid-1980s, our medical director, Dr. Ronald Shapiro, had a number of patients who could not tolerate pain pills (or even an aspirin) due to the delicate condition of their kidneys. As a researcher, he began to investigate drug-free alternatives and began to notice measurable results in the technologies he was exploring. Often, he found joint pain results from toxic accumulation in the joint, known as Toxic Joint Syndrome (TJS). He reasoned that clearing the toxins could more quickly reduce pain. Often natural pathways need a boost to rid the joint of the toxicity. Medication may mask the pain but does little for the removal of toxicity.

Willow Leaf

In the late 1980s, David Sutton, our co-founding CEO along with Dr. Richard Dunlap, Vice President of Medical Affairs, joined Shapiro to form Physician’s Technology, LLC. Their principal mission was to expand this technology as a safe and effective drug-free means to manage minor joint pain and enhance performance. The 5th-generation Willow Curve available today was created based on this goal and years of research and trials.

Toxic Joint Syndrome plagues over 80 million people in the US alone. We are more active than ever in sports and other activities, so our joints wear out sooner in life. Surprisingly, many “safe” sports place extraordinary stress on joints. A recent medical report revealed a golf swing can place as much at 4.5 times your weight in force on your front knee joint. That's 675 pounds for an individual of 150 pounds. More aggressive sports place even more stress on our joints. These are astonishing statistics and help us appreciate the abuse our joints endure with various activities.

Over time, that stress can take its toll on our joints. The damage and resulting joint toxicity accumulates and reaches a point that often results in constant and debilitating pain. Desperate and in pain, many people resort to potentially dangerous and lethal medication. Millions spend an average of $375 per year, out of pocket, for various over the counter remedies – with limited success. The lifetime cost of managing a painful knee joint is staggering. Some $30K - $50K is spent though insurance and personal funds from the onset of pain in one's early years, progressing through the five clinical stages of TJS, and often ending in joint replacement at 50-60 years of age. Even with surgery, pain may persist.

Using the Willow Curve for temporary relief from joint pain is a drug-free alternative for those adverse to pain medication, not eligible for surgery or experiencing post-operative effects. Willow Curve users only have to strap the device on the knee or other joint, press the power button, and select, from one to four, the preferred level of energy to be delivered. The smart sensor technology collects data from the skin surface, computes and formulates treatment then transmits a digital prescription of energies through the skin. Often, the user feels mild warmth as the device turns off the pain signals and turns on the body's healing signals. This, in turn, temporarily reduces minor joint pain.