100% Drug Free, Precision Digital Pain Relief

Willow Curve therapy produces a digital prescription in the visible and invisible photonic and thermal spectrums. The red lights signal it's working.

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Medical Professional?

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Available to US Veterans

Now, Veterans may be able to receive their Willow Curve®, through the Department of Veterans Affairs - Federal Supply Schedule (FSS).

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Features & Benefits

The Willow Curve delivers treatment specific to your condition, digitally activating many processes within the body that provide relief, detoxify the joint and promote healing.

  • Drug-Free Pain Relief
  • Fits Around Most Joints
  • Easy-to-Use, Two-Button Operation
  • Portable, In-Home Use
  • No Side Effects
The Willow Curve is a registered medical device with the FDA who has determined it to be 510-K exempt. Willow Device


Often, doctors are seeking alternatives to prescription medications for their patients. Now, they turn to the Willow Curve as a drug-free option for pain management.

I often see patients in my practice who are in pain and want – or need – a drug-free pain relief option. The Willow Curve has given me the opportunity to help them.

Dr. Lora Thaxton
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Pain Medicine

Can the Willow Curve Help with Your Pain?

The Next Evolution in Pain Relief —
With None of the Side Effects

The Willow Curve has been clinically proven to temporarily relieve pain caused by various common conditions. Check out the full list to see if the Willow Curve would work for you.

Treatable Conditions

Real People. Real Stories.

Denise's Story

I can’t believe the difference. I’ve got myself back again. I’m able to move; I’m able to get out and function like a normal person again. I love the Willow Curve. I can’t imagine my life without it.

After being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, Denise felt that life was over as she knew it. Multiple ineffective treatment options left her hopeless – until she found the Willow Curve, and everything changed.

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